By 1972, Y CARIAD had been returned to steam, but PRINCESS required a greater restoration than was then possible at Boot Lane.
Rose decided he needed a new build steam locomotive that he could rely upon, and after a little research, the Allied Marine & Locomotive Company agreed to tackle the project.
A simple vertical boilered tram engine based on the Stratford trams was delivered to Candlebridge in the spring of 1975.
The locomotive was named YEOMAN and was such a success that Rose arranged for Allied Marine to restore/overhaul PRINCESS.

Specifications –
0-4-0 WT
Cylinders – 6″ x 9″
Driving wheels – 15″ (dia)
Boiler pressure – 160 psi
Tractive effort – 2590lbs (@75%bp)

Operational status –
awaiting overhaul