Built by N.A. Dadd & Son for the Door Valley Tramway in 1882.

Heavily involved with the design & construction of the Door Valley Tramway, Dadd was also commissioned to build a locomotive for the railway.
It is a beautiful machine with subtle curves, reminiscent of many tram engines built in the same period. Built with a short inverted “T” boiler, PRINCESS is an inside-framed locomotive with a delicate Stevenson’s valve gear.

PRINCESS worked the Door Valley Tramway for eighty-seven years, returning to Dadd’s workshop for an overhaul in 1895, and later by Robson’s of Bray in 1911 & 1934.

The Door Valley ceased operation during the war and PRINCESS languished in her shed until 1967 when Rose was offered all the stock. Undoubtedly his pride & joy, she was stored at Candlebridge until 1975 when she was finally returned to steam at Boot Lane Works..

Specifications –
0-4-0 T
Cylinders – 7″ x 10″
Driving wheels – 21″ (dia)
Boiler pressure – 160 psi
Tractive effort – 2800lbs (@75%bp)

Operational status –
in service

PRINCESS on shed at Boot Lane – July 2023