The Tramway


The Candlebridge Tramway exists in my head as a complete railway, but it was clear from the outset that I did not have enough space in the garden to build all (or even part) of my Tramway.
Over the years I have evolved a track plan (see below) that has enabled parts of the Tramway to be represented. I have never thought of adding “scenery”; the garden does not lend itself to that. But some areas represent the Tramway.
Below is the “Railway in the Garden”, the plans & photos, changes and alterations as I improve and change the line.

UPDATE – February 2020
Further changes to the track plan! It now includes turntables at both Boot Lane & Four Candles too allow the operation of Railbuses.

UPDATE – September 2018
Following on from further garden improvements and certain “planning constraints” being lifted, I have decided to re-model the Tramway slightly and endeavour to include Boot Lane Station (to add some scenery) and Four Candles.

UPDATE – June 2017
The original track plan (bottom) was found to be a little restrictive as far as operations were concerned, so the opportunity was taken (during building work in the garden) to relay parts of the railway.
Notably, a longer loop at Folly Mill with a Diamond Crossing accessing a balloon loop two. A better throat too Candlebridge and a spur from Boot Lane, with thoughts to add a station building at Boot Lane (scenery, I know…)

The original track plan – 2012
Initial construction of the line from Folly Mill – 2012
Marking out the first balloon loop (Boot Lane) – 2012
Construction of the first balloon loop Boot Lane – 2012
Further construction of the first balloon loop Boot Lane – 2012
The first balloon loop & Boot Lane complete – 2012
Start of the second balloon loop – 2013
Second balloon loop track laid – 2013
The second balloon loop backfilled & awaiting lawn edging – 2013
The railway completed – Candlebridge in view with a short test train – 2013