Built by the Falcon Engine & Car Works, Loughborough, it was one of a pair delivered to the Dovey Valley Railway, North Wales in 1882. The locomotive was returned to Loughborough in 1899, when it was rebuilt into the current configuration.

The Dovey Valley Railway closed during WWI and the engine put up for sale. Butler purchasing PRINCESS in 1921.

Well suited to the sedate, level conditions at Candlebridge, PRINCESS has given solid, reliable service to the Tramway since its arrival.

Specifications –
0-4-2 Saddle Tank
Cylinders – 7″ x 12″
Driving wheels – 28″ (dia)
Boiler pressure – 160 psi
Tractive effort – 2520lbs (@75%bp)

Operational status –

not in service (awaiting overhaul)