Baldwin Locomotive Works (USA) built 126 50hp petrol tractors for the United States WWI effort in 1918. Several of these locomotives found their way to the UK after the War, and a several were purchased by commercial narrow gauge railways in the 1920s.
Butler acquired the Baldwin at almost no cost from the Admiralty Disposal Unit in 1923. However, it quickly became clear that this tired locomotive had seen better days! Uneconomical and very difficult to start, it was eventually relegated to the rear of Folley Mill shed.
Not until 1965, when the newly formed Trust took control, was the Baldwin assessed for use.
The locomotive was re-engined in 1988, and finally became a valuable member of the locomotive stud and now sees regular service on both passenger & works trains.
Although always affectionately known as PICKLE, the engine was not officially named until 1967 when plates were also cast for FRANCIS & BUTLER.

Current status – in service

PICKLE at Folly Mill