One of three locomotives built by Henry Hughes & Company for the Taplow Quarry Company in 1878.
The locomotives have undergone many alterations, both at the hands of the original builder & the quarry company. One of the three was dismantled as a source of spares in 1923, the remaining two engines being named SOLDIER & GUNNER.

GUNNER was rebuilt from an 0-4-0 to an 0-4-2 at Taplow in 1899 and again in 1923. It was rebuilt with a new cab during restoration at Boot Lane in 1965/7.

Both locomotives were acquired from the Taplow Quarry Company upon closure in 1965. They are well suited to the sedate pace at Candlebridge and have proven themselves several times over.

Specifications ::
0-4-2 ST
Cylinders – 7″ x 12″
Driving wheels – 28″ (dia)
Boiler pressure – 160 psi
Tractive effort – 2500lbs (@75%bp)

Operational status ::
in service