Built by Fletcher Jenning & Company in 1865. Not much is known of the locomotive’s early years until it appears on the books of the Dudley Collieries Company in 1875. Moving again in 1885, it was acquired by Eton College to operate the very short line between the coal staiths and boiler house. Company. It was while at Eton, the locomotive acquired the name it carries today.

ETONIAN was out of use by 1912, but remained at the College as more of a curiosity, than anything else. It was eventually donated to the Candlebridge Trust in 1995, along with a restoration fund!

Specifications –
0-4-2 Saddle Tank
Cylinders – 8″ x 16″
Driving wheels – 28″ (dia)
Boiler pressure – 140 psi
Tractive effort – 3840lbs (@75%bp)

Operational status –

in service