Everything you read on these pages is my imagination running riot – my need to justify! Some of the pages have links to reality. Please enjoy this site and only believe what you want!
The Candlebridge Tramway is the culmination of my railway modelling experiences since the 1970s, what you read on these pages is the justification (in my mind) for a collection of railway aspects that appeals to me! The quaint, quintessentially English tramway is one that I love, these are my excuses for its continued existence in today’s modern world!


Deep in the heart of Oxfordshire lies the Candlebridge Tramway, a tiny railway that has survived against all the odds.
The first Candlebridge railway appeared in 1857 when a short horse-drawn standard gauge line was laid to access Folly Mill on the outskirts of the town. The route followed the gentle contours of the roadway from Candlebridge towards the mill.
In 1882 the Tramway Company was formed, and the track re-laid for steam traction, and the small engine would clatter a train to the mill once or twice a day. Then in 1888 the owner of the mill, Joshua Merryweather extended the railway at both ends, into Candlebridge and Boot Lane and in this form, the line operated until 1897 when mounting debts forced the closure of the mill and railway. With no cash, the railway and mill were closed and the stock abandoned where it stood.